Gluing wallpaper in corners

Inner and outer corners

Inner corners

Given the simplicity of adhering flizeline wallpaper, the first internal corner of a room will be encountered very quickly. The wallpaper can be seamlessly peeled back to the right-angled edge and the next strip glued in place.

External corners

The use of a plastic profile corner always ensures a 'clean' wallpaper edge, even if the edges of the outer corner are uneven. The profile strip is applied to the outer corner using a contact adhesive, the edges are sanded and the tape is applied. The wallpaper can now be easily glued close to the edge. Before gluing, apply a dispersion acrylic paint to the profile that matches the shade of the flizeline wallpaper.

TIP: If the edges of the inner corner are uneven, glue the strip to the corner so that it extends 2 cm towards the adjacent wall. The protruding part must be cut in several notches. The next strip shall be adjusted vertically and glued on top of the moved part.

Using a cartridge gun, apply a thin acrylic film to the corner to achieve a perfect bond.

The corner can also be covered with Meistervlies natural fleece wallpaper.