About us

About us

On September 7, 2020, our internet project celebrated its 10th anniversary. In the meantime, we've been able to make hundreds feel a little happier. We helped someone to add coziness to their home, we helped others emphasize their individuality. In any case, our customers became much happier than those who will not see the charming transformation of their apartment, deciding to leave everything as before.

How exactly do we make people happy?

Everyone wants to change their lives for the better. We offer to start with your home, choosing the easiest way to do it and with lower expenses. New wallpapers will refresh the interior and inspire new life in your home.

We respect and save you time. How much time do you need to choose the wallpaper you like in the store? As a rule, it takes quite a lot of time: find time to visit the store, get to it, browse countless catalogs with wallpapers, and most likely, this process will be repeated 2-3 times until the right wallpaper is selected for you. We offer you to do it much easier and more convenient: visit our store wherever you are: at home, at work or at leisure; from your mobile phone or computer when you are comfortable, regardless of the time of day and day of the week. We are always open to you.

Wide variety. Isn't it easy to find wallpapers to suit your taste from all the diversity? We will offer you more than 9,000 types from the largest wallpaper factory in Europe: AS Creation (Germany).

Intuitive filter. With the help of the filter, we will make it much easier for you to choose wallpaper, based on your taste in style and design. We will offer all the necessary information about the wallpapers you like, including how they will look in the interior.

Visualization in the interior. Preparation of visualization as wallpaper on the wall look as individual as well as with wallpaper -kompanjoniem of the same assembly. Plus, let's do it for you for free.

Free consultation. We will offer absolutely free consultation on wallpapers. We will tell you about their properties in detail and with the least effort and for less money we will help you to choose a suitable option.

Wallpaper samples.

To get the best idea about wallpapers, we have prepared samples of those wallpapers for you. All we have to do is send them to you by post.

Don't stop and bring extra coziness to your house! And we will help you with that!


Do you like gifts?

For all those who like gifts, we have prepared two pleasant moments:

  • additional discount and free delivery. Order 12 rolls from one article by sending an order to us at e-mail info@tapetenshop.lv , and you will receive an additional 20% discount on wallpapers as well as free delivery to any DPD Pickup point throughout Latvia.
  • 2 rolls of wallpaper completely free. Order 10 rolls of one article and receive 2 rolls as a gift. The price, by the way, doesn't matter.

All wallpapers we offer to our customers have RAL, CE, FSC quality marks - which means that they are safe for health and the environment (RAL), comply with existing European directives on the quality of construction products (CE) and are designed using forests rationally. , from an ecological point of view (FSC).

And now read what our customers think of us.

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In time, you will see on the website the most up-to-date collections from the offered manufacturers.