Problem - staining


All wallpapers produced by our company are covered by the RAL-GZ479 quality guarantee on all tested products, resulting in the highest quality requirements. This enables us to ensure a high quality product that does not pose a health risk.

Stains can be caused by blocked or improperly prepared surfaces, with the inherent problems of moisture absorption.

Moisture residues on the wall may start to form a chemical reaction with the surface and the wallpaper itself may not be the cause of the defect. Similarly, mould may form on an improperly prepared wall. For this reason, it is always necessary to check precisely whether the treated wall fulfils all the conditions for wallpaper application.

Further information on surface preparation is available here.

In some cases, a defective product is still sold despite a routine inspection and a test sticker.

In this case, it is the staining caused by the mechanical treatment. These spots are immediately visible. In this case, no gluing is necessary.

Appearance of spots after a longer period

If the stains do not appear on the wallpaper until it is completely dry, the product itself is not the reason why the stains continue to appear. The reason for the appearance of stains must be sought elsewhere.