Wall cladding


Tools: spirit level

As with the ceiling, the line on which the first strip will be placed must be marked on the walls, so that the subsequent strips can be placed accurately. To achieve this, a specific level is needed.

The first strip should be positioned so that part of it is directed into the ceiling, but the strip itself is directed along the marked line. The wallpaper strip shall be fixed to the wall with a porous rubber wallpaper roller which prevents bubbles and creases.

Tools: wallpapering table or fur roller and glue brush

When using a table designed for wallpapering, only elite glue for mechanical tables marked TG should be used. This ensures optimum glue distribution and facilitates drawing the strips through the machine. Apply a generous smear to the tile wallpaper strip and stick it on without getting it wet beforehand.

Tools: porous rubber roller

The adhesive is applied in a stab, the strips are rolled on both sides with a porous rubber roller, leaving no bubbles or wrinkles.

Tools: plastic trowel, utility knife

The part of the wallpaper protruding from the wall/ceiling and wall/floor fold must be pressed into the corner with a plastic putty knife and carefully trimmed.