Ceiling banding

Wallpapering the ceiling

Tools: tape measure, string

Usually, the wallpaper is applied "from the light", i.e. starting from the windows and moving towards the centre of the room. Two points are drawn parallel to the wall in a straight line, 50 cm apart, and marked with string.

This will enable the fleece wallpaper sheets to be glued on precisely and straight, even if the walls are crooked.

Ideally, an assistant is needed to stretch the string straight.

Tools: porous rubber roller

Cut the first strip of wallpaper with the grain pattern facing outwards. Place the strip on the sticky backing so that it runs slightly over the wall. Glue the strip in place and roll it with a foam rubber roller, smoothing it out and leaving no bubbles or wrinkles.

Tools: plastic trowel, office knife

Using a plastic trowel, slide the protruding part of the wallpaper into the corner connecting the wall to the ceiling and cut off the remaining part with a utility knife.