Pitched ceiling, arches, radiator

The Arc

Tools: stationery knife

To create a neat wallpaper joint in the arches, a corner rail of plastic profile must be fixed on the edge of the arch. One part of the profiling rail shall be cut in several places to allow it to be secured during rounding.

The profiling rail is then glued in place using contact adhesive, the edges sanded and trowelled. The wallpaper can now be simply and carefully trimmed along the profiling rail.

Tip: The arches can be covered with Meistervlies

fleece wallpaper.

Sloping ceiling

Tools: edge trimming ruler, stationery knife

When gluing sloping ceilings, Meistervlies Pro

reverses the flizeline wallpaper at the "break". The slope itself is glued first and then the lower part of the overlap. The double-cut method allows the edges to be glued flush, the resulting joint being smoothed with a porous rubber roller.

Tip: if the 'break' is uneven, the defect can be concealed with decorative edging.


Tools: edge trimming ruler, stationery knife

The radiator shall be "perimeter" taped. Do not stick wallpaper behind radiators!
TIP: With the right edging, you can create a beautiful frame.


Tools: office knife

Seal the holes under the luminaires with wallpaper. After drying, cut the desired shape in the flizeline wallpaper strip with a utility knife along the contour line.

TIP: You can tape open sockets of luminaires and sockets. Before cutting out the shape, switch off the electricity supply to the room. After sticking, immediately make a cross-cut in the strip and clean the socket elements from the adhesive. As soon as the wallpaper has dried, cut a hole the size of the socket using a stationery knife.